Kyoei USA’s LS400 UCF20 Gets Air Runner Suspension

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After riding on Tanabe coilovers and SS kit for a little over a year Jin @ Kyoei USA decided to step it up a notch.  Air suspension is the ultimate best of both worlds.  You can still drive pretty low but when there are crappy roads or tough to get up inclines the ability to just hit a couple switches and instantly ride higher helps out a LOT.  Especially when us local Arizona people travel to California where the highways and roads are notorious for being pretty bad.  Jin was really hoping to get this all installed before the SEMA Show, Las Vegas VIP Meet and VIP Festival Meet in San Diego.  It looks like everything is going to plan and he will be making the 1050 mile round trip this year and not have to worry as much as riding slammed on coilovers.

Jin’s choice for air suspension was the standard Air Runner kit.  This kit features 4 way adjustable KYB shocks, Bridgestone sleeve type air bags (similar to what comes OEM on many high end vehicles), a 4 gallon stainless steel air tank, 1 Viair 380 compressor, 2 pressure gauges, a 4 toggle switch plate and the highest quality electrical and plumbing kit.

The nice thing about Air Runner kits (besides the fact that they are completely made in Japan) is that each kit is made specifically for each vehicle.  Extensive R&D goes into each kit to ensure the shocks are valved correctly and that the best ride quality possible is achieved.  Air Runner kits are made to be a hassle free and complete bolt in install.  An in-depth instruction manual with pictures of your actual vehicle is included in every kit.  What more could you ask for?

This standard kit lists for $4699.  Air Runner also offers a more affordable kit for select cars called the “Decade Series” which retails for $3799.  Also for the enthusiasts that want even more performance from their Air Runner kit can look into the “On The Ground” and “TC-5” kits which have more options including a coilover & air bag set up.  They even go as far as offering electronic dampening control in the TC-5 kits for those who want the absolute best handing air suspension kit available.  Contact us directly for more information.

The install for Kyoei’s LS400 should be completed any day now.  We have only had time to work on it in between other customer cars.  We are going to install the Air Runner kit first without the SS kit which allows you to go another 25-30mm lower.  Stay tuned for more pics of the kit installed!!!!

air runner, ls400, celsior, air suspension

air runner, ls400, celsior, ucf20, air suspension, uas, univeral air

air runner, ls400, celsior, ucf20, air suspension, uas, universal air