Kyoei USA is a Southern California based automotive specialty shop that specializes in vehicle styling, parts & accessories, service, and installation for your Japanese vehicle.  We mostly cater to Lexus and ” VIP style ” cars but we welcome any import vehicle to our shop.  We don’t just work on them and sell products for them, but we actually own and modify them.  We have extensive knowledge in parts & accessories and wheel fitment.  Our mechanics are ASE certified so you can rest assured your vehicle will receive the attention and quality work it deserves.


We often host many local meets and events within the car enthusiast community.  Customers are not just customers to us, we consider them friends.  So if you want a chill, laid back place to buy parts, get your car worked on or just hang out, Kyoei is the shop to be at.

Kyoei USA is affiliated with Kyoei Japan in Kyoto, Japan.  We can get some parts only sold in Japan that are difficult to find here in the US.  Please contact us if yu have any special product needs that we can assist you with.


2010 LS460 with Aimgain kit and Airrunner Air Suspension

kyoei ls460 about


2013 Prius with Aimgain kit and Airrunner Air Suspension

kyoei prius aimgain