In Momory of the Good Old Days from Grinder TV

Not long ago Grinder TV released their first DVD Volume One,  we are very happy to be part of their DVD, and came out very nice.  this was filmed about 4 years ago in Arizona…  This film bring us back good old days memory when we debuted at 2011 Sema Show.

We recommend you to watch their first DVD preview as well, this was filmed at 5 different countries with one passion “automobile”

Designers Brand AIMGAIN

Our relationship with AIMGAIN first started 5 years ago and since then it has grown. We are very happy to be in this position today, working closely with them. So far, we’ve mostly collaborated on SEMA projects. We share with you some of our accomplishments. However, we are not done! Still a lot more to come. Stay tuned!aimgain linkWe bring you AIMGAIN’s newest kit for the flagship sedan 2013+ Lexus LS460 / 600h F Sport.   Please see the link for AIMGAIN’s entire product line up. Please contact us with any inquiries. aimgain ls

aimgain vip gt

aimgain prius kit

Kyoei USA’s first SEMA Show demo car, Lexus LS400 with full Aimgain JUN VIP body kit debuted in 2011.   AIMGAIN 純VIPkit , Maverick 315F and AIR RUNNER SYSTEMSJin LS 005

Kyoei USA x AIMGAIN official demo Lexus LS460 debuted at the SEMA Show in 2013. Also featured in the 2014 AIMGAIN Japanese calendar.

AIMGAIN 純VIP kit with Aimgain G-Luxe wheels.


Kyoei USA x AIMGAIN Toyota Prius demo vehicle debuted at the SEMA Show Las Vegas 2013

AIMGAIN Hybrid Type III with Aimgain GIIM Wheels

Equipped AIR RUNNER SYSTEMSprius sema

Our friend and driver Jeff Wolfson of Jeff Wolfson Racing debuted his AIMGAIN LS-Sport fitted Formula D FR-S this year.Jeff Wolfson

Jeff Wolfson Racing

86 frs

frs 86


Newly Released Weds Wheels / Elaborar / TV-X / 315F

This past weekend at the Tokyo Auto Salon, Weds introduced its new additions to its Kranze, Bvillens, and Maverick lineup. The new wheels include the Weds Kranze Elaborar, available in sizes ranging 19″-22″ and up to 13″ wide.  The Weds Bvillens TV-X and Maverick 315F are also new and available in sizes ranging 18″-20″ and up to 10″ wide. You also have the choice of a black,bronze, or white barrel with the TV-X and the 315F. We are taking pre-orders now, so call 480-921-2995 or email us at

in sizes ranging 19″-22″

Weds Bvillens TV-X

sizes ranging 18″-20″

Weds Maverick 315F

Optional Colored Barrels Available for Bvillens TV-X and Maverick 315F