Lexus LS460 2013 Conversion

Our LS460 project demo car began in 2013 as a 2010 Sport Package equipped model in Starfire Pearl white paint. Our goal was to build the car for the SEMA show that year. The car was outfitted with the Aimgain JUN VIP body kit with front fenders, roof and trunk spoilers. We also went with the Aimgain 21″ G-Luxe wheels and Airrunner On the Ground air suspension system.


After a successful year of touring several California, Las Vegas, and Arizona car shows, the 2014 SEMA Show was around the corner.  We were honored with the opportunity to take the car again, so the next phase began. We decided on a full custom PINK wrap with dark gray accents. Much of our inspiration came from the new Toyota Crown Hybrid that was offered in pink from the factory.




Once again, after a year long successful show tour, we had the privilege of returning to the SEMA Show for a third year in a row. This time, we went with the biggest transformation yet. We took on the task of attempting and completing the first 2013+ full exterior conversion. Although there are many fine examples in Japan of 07-12 LS460s converted to 2013, there were none, as far as we knew, in North America. To top off the conversion, we decided to have it re-wrapped in a beautiful custom Satin Nero wrap with pink accents.


1917584 1252297 1031354

As you can see, the 2013+ conversion completely transforms the car, it is hard to believe that it is the same car from 2014. Aside from the Aimgain JUN VIP GT body kit which consists of the front bumper, side skirts, rear bumper, front fenders, roof, trunk and hood spoiler, all other parts are OEM.

You can refer to VIPCAR Magazine VOL. 213 December 2013 for the exterior comparisons below.

LS info 1 LS info 2


-Bumper “AIMGAIN”
-Left and Right Radiator Support
-Inner Fender Liner
-Fenders “AIMGAIN”
-Headlights w/ bracket
-Fog Lamps
-Headlight Plug n’ Play Harness (Please call us for more info)


-Side skirts “AIMGAIN”
-Bottom Door Chrome Trim
-Door Side Mirrors (Not converted on our car)


-Bumper w/ bracket “AIMGAIN”
-License Plate Garnish
-Inner Tail Lights
-Outer Tail Lights

There is a lot more information and details about the build that meets the eye so stay tuned! To be continued..

Aimgain VIP GT Body kit for Lexus LS460 / 600h F-Sport

Aimgain VIP GT Body kit for Lexus LS460 / 600h F-Sport MC~  USF40/UVF45

aimgain ls460 kouki vip gt 1

aimgain ls460 kouki vip gt 2

Without Over fendersaimgain ls460 kouki vip gt 3

with Over Fendersaimgain ls460 kouki vip gt 4

Hood Spoileraimgain ls460 kouki vip gt hoodspoiler

aimgain ls460 kouki vip gt rear

Roof Spoileraimgain ls460 kouki vip gt roof spoiler

Side aimgain ls460 kouki vip gt sidestep

Trunk Spoiler (Pic is Carbon wrap) actual is made by FRPaimgain ls460 kouki vip gt trunk spoiler

Aimgain ls460 kouki vip gt

Full kit (3 set) Front Bumper, Side Step, Rear Bumper (back fog included)

Trunk Spoiler

Roof Spoiler

Hood Spoiler

Front Over Fender (30mm wide)

Rear Over Fender (50mm wide)

For more information please contact us at

Designers Brand AIMGAIN

Our relationship with AIMGAIN first started 5 years ago and since then it has grown. We are very happy to be in this position today, working closely with them. So far, we’ve mostly collaborated on SEMA projects. We share with you some of our accomplishments. However, we are not done! Still a lot more to come. Stay tuned!aimgain linkWe bring you AIMGAIN’s newest kit for the flagship sedan 2013+ Lexus LS460 / 600h F Sport.   Please see the link for AIMGAIN’s entire product line up. Please contact us with any inquiries. aimgain ls

aimgain vip gt

aimgain prius kit

Kyoei USA’s first SEMA Show demo car, Lexus LS400 with full Aimgain JUN VIP body kit debuted in 2011.   AIMGAIN 純VIPkit , Maverick 315F and AIR RUNNER SYSTEMSJin LS 005

Kyoei USA x AIMGAIN official demo Lexus LS460 debuted at the SEMA Show in 2013. Also featured in the 2014 AIMGAIN Japanese calendar.

AIMGAIN 純VIP kit with Aimgain G-Luxe wheels.


Kyoei USA x AIMGAIN Toyota Prius demo vehicle debuted at the SEMA Show Las Vegas 2013

AIMGAIN Hybrid Type III with Aimgain GIIM Wheels

Equipped AIR RUNNER SYSTEMSprius sema

Our friend and driver Jeff Wolfson of Jeff Wolfson Racing debuted his AIMGAIN LS-Sport fitted Formula D FR-S this year.Jeff Wolfson

Jeff Wolfson Racing

86 frs

frs 86


RS-R Coilovers and Lowering Springs for New 2014 IS250 IS350 F-Sport are now available!

RS-R Sport i coilovers are NOW available for 2014 LexusIS250/350 RWD / AWD Base model and F-Sport.        Black i Coilover for RWD coming soon!

Sport i   $1899 plus shipping / tax

Maximum adjustment range:  Front +25 ~ -95mm, Rear -10 ~ -60mm

Spring Rate: Front 10.0kg/mm, Rear 8.3kg/mm

RS-R Lowering Springs are NOW available for 2014 Lexus IS250 IS350 RWD / AWD Base model and F-Sport are

RS-R Down Springs  $279  plus shipping / tax.  Front 20 – 25mm, Rear 10 – 15mm

RS-R Super Down Spring $309  plus shipping / tax.  Front 45 – 50mm, Rear 40 – 45mm

*** Currently available ***

Sports i Coilovers: FRS, BRZ, 2013 GS350, GS300, LS460, LS430, LS400, Prius

Black i Coilovers: FRS, BRZ, 2013 GS350, GS300, LS460, LS430, LS400, Prius

Superdown lowering springs: 2013 GS350 AWD, RWD, F-Sport

Down Springs: 2013 GS350 AWD, RWD, F-Sport

For more info:  323.305.4416

2014-lexus-is350GS350 RWD Set




2013 Lexus GS350 Lowering Springs and Coilovers

Tanabe and RS*R offer lowering springs, including F-Sport models. RS*R also offers their Luxury Best-i coilovers with multiple height and dampening adjustments. Please contact us for the latest update and availability info by emailing us at or by calling 480-921-2995.

Tanabe NF210 lowering springs lower the front by 1.1″ and rears by 1.2″ (F-Sport) 

RS*R’s springs lower the front by approximately 1.06″ and rears by 1.25″ (F-Sport model figures are approximately 0.5″ front and rear)

RS*R Super-i and Luxury Best-i coilovers lower the fronts by up to 2.36″ and the rears by up to 2.95″. (F-Sport drop is up to 2.36 inches front and rear)

GS350 Front Upper Mount Top View

GS350 RWD Set


RS-R Superdown Sus for the 2013 Lexus GS350 RWD

Chassis code: GRL10

Non F sport

Approximate lowering:

Front: -45mm to -50mm
Rear: -45mm to -50mm

Spring rates:

Front: 4.89kg/mm
Rear: 8.16kg/mm

F sport

Approximate lowering:

Front: -40mm to -45mm
Rear: -40mm to -45mm

Spring rates:

Front: 4.89kg/mm
Rear: 8.16kg/mm