Kyoei’s New T-Shirt Design for 2011


We are happy to present to everyone our newest t-shirt design.  This time around we wanted to still focus on the VIP car theme but also with an added touch of Japanese culture.  After several hours of brainstorming we finally decided to incorporate the Sakura which in English refers to “Japanese flowering cherry”.  Sakura is very symbolic in Japanese culture and we felt that the meaning it has carries over to the VIP car scene and what it’s all about.  We are very happy with the new shirt design and we hope everyone else enjoys them!  We had a small batch made right before the SEMA Show in Las Vegas last week and are currently sold out, but we’ll have more soon when we get an idea of how many people are interested in purchasing them.  The illustrator file below makes the black look a little faded but the shirts are black, gold, pink & silver.

Here is a look at the new design (click for a larger version!):

kyoei usa new t-shirt for 2011