Junction Produce goodies

We have some Junction Produce Accessories in stock

Tsuna: Size Medium, Gold, Silver and White

Junction Produce Tsuna

Kin Tsuna: Gold, Size Medium

Junction Produce Tsuna Gold medium

.Gin Tsuna: Silver, Size Medium

Junction Produce Tsuna Silver medium

Shiro Tsuna: White, Size Medium

Junction Produce Tsuna white medium

Gold Tsuna, Size Small

Junction Produce Tsuna Gold small

Fusa:  Size Medium (300mm long), Kiku knot style, White, 2 style available (regular and ippon style) also we have small white Fusa (180mm long)Junction Produce Fusa white medium

Fusa Emblem, it can be attached to Fusa

Junction Produce Fusa Emblem

Neck Pads: White logo on Black

Junction Produce neck pads

We also have samll white Fusa and Luxury Curtain Size M in stock

Please contact us for pricing info@kyoei-usa.com


Black Pearl Car Show 2012 Hyogo, Japan

We had the chance to attend the Black Pearl Car Show while we were in Japan. We wanted to share some pics to show what the Japan scene is like at the moment.




We are an Official AIRRUNNER Dealer!

We bring you the Essential Series from Airrunner. Select any one of your favorite Airrunner air suspensions, join it with Accuair’s E-Level management system, and select your tank size and style! It’s never been easier to piece together your own kit while ensuring that you get the best available on the market. Contact us for special Airrunner pricing!

Basic Airrunner Air Suspension w/ Accuair air management starting at $3,699 (MSRP) & w/o Accuair starting at $2,999 (MSRP)

Decade “Saki-Gake” Edition w/ Accuair air management starting at $4,399 (MSRP) & w/o Accuair starting at $3,699 (MSRP)

Tight Control “TC-5″ w/ Accurair air management starting at $6,499 (MSRP) & w/o Accuair starting at $5,799 (MSRP)

On the Ground “OG” w/ Accuair air management starting at $6,999 (MSRP) & w/o Accuair starting at $6,299 (MSRP)

RS-R Suspension Products Now Available

We are happy to announce that we now carry RS*R products! And you know we are bringing you some more JDM goodness, this time with RS*R’s Black i coilovers for VIP cars.

UCF20 LS400 95-2000

Spring Rates: F 14K-24K, R 6-16k
Height Adjustable Range: F -35 ~ -120mm, R -130 ~ -35mm

JZS160/161 GS300/400/430 98-05

Spring Rates: F 14-24k, R 12-20k
Height Adjustable Range: F -40 ~ -140mm,  R -5 ~ -130mm

GSE20/21 IS250/350

Spring Rates: F 14 – 24k, R 12-20k
Height Range: F -20 ~ -125mm, R -25 ~ -140mm

***Also available for LS430 / UCF30, GS350 / GSR191 and SC430 / UZZ40

We just installed them on a local customer’s LS400 and the feedback so far has been positive. If you remember, we also were the first to bring in Tanabe’s Super Low Form Damper coilover system on another local LS400. Just like the Tanabes, these RS*R coilovers are only offered in Japan. If you are all about driving low with aggressive fitment, then these are the coilovers for you. They are also offered for other platforms too. Email us at sales@kyoei-usa.com or call us at 480.921.2995 for more info.

Just as a heads up, stay on the lookout in the near future for our post on RS*R’s Ran Up oil additive. We are very excited about the impressive HP and MPG increases testing has shown.