Eneos Sustina 5W30 0W20 & 0W50 Available Now!

Eneos is known as Japan’s number one motor oil. Their lineup consisted of high quality synthetic and full synthetic oils. However, last year we got news of Eneos’ plan to release a new lineup called Sustina. And we sure are excited to announce that it has finally been released! We have been using Eneos oils with much success and now their Sustina oils are even better. Sustina’s revolutionary new technology means you can have a quieter, cleaner, smoother engine and a longer-lasting, less power-robbing, better protecting, and gas-mileage-improving oil. Sustina’s brochure can be seen here for more information. Email us at sales@kyoei-usa.com or call us at 480-921-2995 if you would like to purchase and/or setup an oil change appointment. We also carry the rest of the Eneos line up so please do not hesitate to contact us about the rest of their products.