Lexus LS460 2013 Conversion

Our LS460 project demo car began in 2013 as a 2010 Sport Package equipped model in Starfire Pearl white paint. Our goal was to build the car for the SEMA show that year. The car was outfitted with the Aimgain JUN VIP body kit with front fenders, roof and trunk spoilers. We also went with the Aimgain 21″ G-Luxe wheels and Airrunner On the Ground air suspension system.


After a successful year of touring several California, Las Vegas, and Arizona car shows, the 2014 SEMA Show was around the corner.  We were honored with the opportunity to take the car again, so the next phase began. We decided on a full custom PINK wrap with dark gray accents. Much of our inspiration came from the new Toyota Crown Hybrid that was offered in pink from the factory.




Once again, after a year long successful show tour, we had the privilege of returning to the SEMA Show for a third year in a row. This time, we went with the biggest transformation yet. We took on the task of attempting and completing the first 2013+ full exterior conversion. Although there are many fine examples in Japan of 07-12 LS460s converted to 2013, there were none, as far as we knew, in North America. To top off the conversion, we decided to have it re-wrapped in a beautiful custom Satin Nero wrap with pink accents.


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As you can see, the 2013+ conversion completely transforms the car, it is hard to believe that it is the same car from 2014. Aside from the Aimgain JUN VIP GT body kit which consists of the front bumper, side skirts, rear bumper, front fenders, roof, trunk and hood spoiler, all other parts are OEM.

You can refer to VIPCAR Magazine VOL. 213 December 2013 for the exterior comparisons below.

LS info 1 LS info 2


-Bumper “AIMGAIN”
-Left and Right Radiator Support
-Inner Fender Liner
-Fenders “AIMGAIN”
-Headlights w/ bracket
-Fog Lamps
-Headlight Plug n’ Play Harness (Please call us for more info)


-Side skirts “AIMGAIN”
-Bottom Door Chrome Trim
-Door Side Mirrors (Not converted on our car)


-Bumper w/ bracket “AIMGAIN”
-License Plate Garnish
-Inner Tail Lights
-Outer Tail Lights

There is a lot more information and details about the build that meets the eye so stay tuned! To be continued..

Kyoei’s LS460 & Prius Debut at SEMA show 2013

This year we built two cars for the 2013 SEMA Show in Las Vegas. Although the Prius and the LS460 are in classes of their own, the concept of “daily drivability” without lacking show caliber style and presence, was the same for both. The key phrase for the LS is “Clean and Classy VIP” and for the Prius “Hello to the world… Introducing new style”.

We are really appreciated our sponsors:  Aimgain, Airrunner, Beat-Sonic, Clazzio, PoBoy Kustoms, Rustic Signs, and Kyoei Auto Service

Kyoei LS460 Prius

Kyoei LS460

Kyoei ls460 1

Kyoei Prius

Kyoei Prius 1

kyoei prius 2

kyoei prius 3

kyoei original brand virtue shiftknob table

kyoei ls460 2

kyoei ls460 3

kyoei original brand virtue shiftknob

kyoei ls460 4


2010 Lexus LS460 Sport Package

  • Aimgain Pure (Jun) VIP body kit.  (Front bumper, Rear bumper, Trunk Spoiler, Roof Spoiler and Front Fender)
  • Aimgain G-Luxe Wheels Front 21″x10, Rear 21″x11 Premium Black
  • Toyo Tire T1R 255/30-21, 285/30-21
  • Air Runner Air Suspension system, On the Ground.
  • Kyoei Original Brand Virtue wood shift knob
  • Junction Produce Fusa
  • Aimgain Color matched Neck Pads
  • Pinstripe by Po’Boy Kustoms

2013 Toyota Prius 2 ZVW30

  • Aimgain Hybrid Type III (Front bumper, Side Skirts, Rear bumper, and roof spoiler)
  • Aimgain GIIM Wheels Front 19×8.5, Rear 19×9.0
  • Air Runner Air Suspension system SP-Low Version.
  • Falken Azenis FK453 215/35-19
  • Clazzio Leather Seat Cover
  • Beat Sonic shark fin antenna, audio visor
  • JDM Toyota OEM turn signal mirror
  • JDM Toyota OEM window visor
  • JDM Toyota OEM premium horn
  • JDM Toyota Front turn signal light lens
  • Toyota OEM Black floor mat
  • Combination Steering wheel
  • HID 8000k Low beam
  • LED Dome, courtesy lights…
  • LED swap on AC control and all other switch lighting
  • Kyoei Original Brand Virtue wood Front Table
  • Kyoei Original Brand Virtue wood Shift Knob
  • Front Camber bolt added 2 degrees of negative camber
  • Best Style AI Rear Camber plate, added 3 degrees of negative camber and toe fix
  • Custom Pinstripe by PoBoy Kustoms and Rustic Signs Graphix
  • Stellar V LED taillight

SEMA Show 2012 Las Vegas

This year’s SEMA show was a success. We met with Felgenoutlet for a photoshoot and with Airrunner Acctv for a video shoot Friday. Friday night we attended the Vegas VIP meet. We can’t wait for next year!

Our friends at Beat-Sonic brought out their FRS for their booth.


Samson’s LS430 from Revision Audio in Haiwaii



Dustin’s Mode Parfume GS also from Revision Audio in Haiwaii


LS460 with Job Design kit and what appear to be VIP Modular wheels.


Weksos’ LS460 with Junction Produce kit and 22″ Scara wheels on Airrunner Air Suspension system.


FiveAxis LS F-Sport on Airrunner Suspension in the Lexus Booth


Kyoei USA Tuning FI Finland Magazine Feature

Almost exactly one year ago, we had the pleasure of meeting Tomi and Tuukka from Tuning FI magazine from Finland. They saw our LS400 in Las Vegas at the SEMA Show and they asked us if they could shoot it for their magazine. The issue came out and Tuning FI was kind enough to send us some copies. Big shoutout to them and a big thanks for the feature! We also want to take this opportunity to thank our sponsor for their support!

Kyoei USA’s LS400 SEMA Show 2011 Debut

Well, the SEMA rush has finally settled and we’re all home safely. It was a hectic week and a busy road to get there, but we made it happen without any real struggles. We’d like to thank all of our friends and extended family out in Vegas; Crew45, Squad One, and everyone else we met who helped make this a memorable trip for all of us. We’d also like to give a huge thanks to some of the sponsors who helped make this all possible; Aimgain, Air Runner, Kyoei Japan, Weds Wheels, Poboy Kustoms, Beat-Sonic, LOT USA,, Luxer1, XSellMedia, M2 Motoring, All American Upholstery, Classic Gold Auto Centre, Vyne Powder Coating, and many others.  Stay tuned for some photos from the journey!

The LS400:

Kyoei’s UCF20 first feature by Canibeat 10/22/10- Black Seduction

Weds Maverick 315F 20×9, 20×10.  Toyota Crown Majesta Fender Light

ACC Airruner air suspension.

Aimgain Jun VIP body kit with LS460 fog and Stylish Grille

The Beautiful girls of Clazzio came out to help with an impromptu shoot, thanks! Pictures provided by Eric @ BeatSonic.

These shirts are available through us directly, give us a call for yours (480)921-2995.

Here you see one of the lovely ladies holding a prototype parking sign that we will have available for purchase sometime in the near future.

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