Sema Show 2016, 50th Anniversary

We were glad to be at 50th Anniversary Sema Show last year, we could not feature our cars for the show but at lease we could drove up there with our LS and Prius.  We had a great time meeting people, checking cool cars, eating and drinking…  Here are some random pictures we took.    IMG_0689 IMG_8120IMG_1482IMG_1116IMG_2786IMG_5677IMG_1601IMG_2292 2IMG_3875IMG_3316

Picture with Rutledge from Top Gear US. IMG_4885

Aimgain x Lexon x Beat-Sonic x Stance x K-Produce x Priuschat x Kyoei USAIMG_8899 

Seven Magic Mountains on I-5IMG_9162

Sema Show 2015

We had a great opportunity to show our LS460 and Prius at Sema Show 2015.  We wanna say Thank You to our supporters and sponsors which are “Airrunner”, “Aimgain”, “Beat-Sonic”, “Lexon Exclusive”, “Work wheel”, “Weds Wheel” “Poboy Kustom”, EA wrap”, Speziell”, “Absolute Paint Works”, OEM Audio” and many others.IMG_0832IMG_1333IMG_1129IMG_1750

rained out…kyoei usa priuskyoei priuskyoei priuskyoei priusVIP Style Cars John’s GSIMG_0833IMG_1378IMG_1582IMG_1704IMG_1700IMG_1544IMG_1638IMG_1597aimgain gtrIMG_2043

Kyoei USA’s LS400 SEMA Show 2011 Debut

Well, the SEMA rush has finally settled and we’re all home safely. It was a hectic week and a busy road to get there, but we made it happen without any real struggles. We’d like to thank all of our friends and extended family out in Vegas; Crew45, Squad One, and everyone else we met who helped make this a memorable trip for all of us. We’d also like to give a huge thanks to some of the sponsors who helped make this all possible; Aimgain, Air Runner, Kyoei Japan, Weds Wheels, Poboy Kustoms, Beat-Sonic, LOT USA,, Luxer1, XSellMedia, M2 Motoring, All American Upholstery, Classic Gold Auto Centre, Vyne Powder Coating, and many others.  Stay tuned for some photos from the journey!

The LS400:

Kyoei’s UCF20 first feature by Canibeat 10/22/10- Black Seduction

Weds Maverick 315F 20×9, 20×10.  Toyota Crown Majesta Fender Light

ACC Airruner air suspension.

Aimgain Jun VIP body kit with LS460 fog and Stylish Grille

The Beautiful girls of Clazzio came out to help with an impromptu shoot, thanks! Pictures provided by Eric @ BeatSonic.

These shirts are available through us directly, give us a call for yours (480)921-2995.

Here you see one of the lovely ladies holding a prototype parking sign that we will have available for purchase sometime in the near future.

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