Beat Sonic Roof Spoiler for Scion FR-S Subaru BRZ will be available soon!

Beat Sonic Pre-Painted Roof Spoiler for Scion FR-S Subaru BR-Z will be available soon!

• Roof Spoiler specially designed and manufactured for 2013 Scion FR-S and Subaru BRZ models to enhance the body lines that connect the roof and the trunk.
• Matches the curves of Scion FR-S and Subaru BRZ to ensure exact fitment.
• Pre-painted and color matched to Scion FR-S and Subaru BRZ models for an exact match in color using high quality OEM paint.
• Directly attached to the top edge of the rear window easily using automotive grade 3M double-sided tape.
• Installation requires no modification and easily reversible
• Made by Polypropylene

• 2013-Scion FR-S
• 2013 Subaru BRZ


Color Available:
Asphalt (FRW13-61K)
Argento (FRW1-D6S)
Firestorm (FRW1-C7P)
Hot Lava (FRW1-H8R)
Raven (FRW1-D4S)
Ultramarine (FRW1-E8H)
Whiteout (FRW1-37J)
World Rally Blue (FRW1-42C)

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SEMA Show 2012 Las Vegas

This year’s SEMA show was a success. We met with Felgenoutlet for a photoshoot and with Airrunner Acctv for a video shoot Friday. Friday night we attended the Vegas VIP meet. We can’t wait for next year!

Our friends at Beat-Sonic brought out their FRS for their booth.


Samson’s LS430 from Revision Audio in Haiwaii



Dustin’s Mode Parfume GS also from Revision Audio in Haiwaii


LS460 with Job Design kit and what appear to be VIP Modular wheels.


Weksos’ LS460 with Junction Produce kit and 22″ Scara wheels on Airrunner Air Suspension system.


FiveAxis LS F-Sport on Airrunner Suspension in the Lexus Booth


Wekfest LA 2012 Long Beach, CA

We had the pleasure of being admitted into the Wekfest LA show this year. This show is one of the best shows every year because cars have to be pre-screened before they allow you to register. We were told out of 1400-1600 applications, only 450 cars or so are admitted. We had our LS400 in Airrunner’s booth, so we want to give them a big thanks for all the help and support. There were a total of 6 cars with us there. Big congratulations for our good friend Jerell in his Skyboxx xB for taking 1st place. And our friend Elmer Lee in his blue 240 with widened BNSports widebody kit took 2nd place. Overall the location, the weather, the cars, and the people were awesome. We met a lot of new friends, spent time with the rest of our friends, and even finally got to meet friends in person for the first time. The WEKSOS guys were great and very helpful. Looking forward to this show from now on. And maybe one day we can make to Wekfest San Francisco.

ACCtv / Air Runner / Wekfest LA 2012 from ACCtv on Vimeo.

Toyotafest 2012 Torrance, California

This year’s Toyotafest was awesome and we are happy to say that the Kyoei cars were on display. We made the 370+ mile trek from Tempe to Long Beach on Friday morning. We arrived Friday evening to get some rest and be up bright and early for roll in Saturday morning. Best part of it all was that we weren’t there on our own, we had friends from Arizona that tagged along. We are happy to say that our two friends, Louis and Drew, took home 1st place Best Lexus IS and 3rd place Best Lexus IS. Our LS400 was on display in Beat-Sonic’s booth. Big thanks to them for all their support! It made for some good times and great memories. We are looking forward to next year’s event already!


Toyota Museum: Industry Day & Prius C Event 2012

We had the privilege of attending this year’s Toyota Industry day at the Toyota Museum in Torrance, California. This private event was organized for a select few companies, businesses, and enthusiast groups in the Toyota, Lexus, and Scion scene in southern California. The day started with a introduction presentation of the Prius C. After that, we had company presentations from various shops and companies. The purpose of the presentations were to learn what the different companies were about to help provide collaboration opportunities. After that, prizes donated by the companies in attendance were raffled off. We also had the pleasure of seeing the new Prius C up close and in person at the event and we can’t forget about having open access to the museum. The museum’s collection of 200 new, old, historic, classic, custom, prototype, and race cars was a sight to see. As that wasn’t enough, the parking lot also had several cool cars from the local groups that attended. We are glad to say that we got to meet a lot of people as well as see a lot of our California friends. Overall it was a fun and positive event!