We are an Official AIRRUNNER Dealer!

We bring you the Essential Series from Airrunner. Select any one of your favorite Airrunner air suspensions, join it with Accuair’s E-Level management system, and select your tank size and style! It’s never been easier to piece together your own kit while ensuring that you get the best available on the market. Contact us for special Airrunner pricing!

Basic Airrunner Air Suspension w/ Accuair air management starting at $3,699 (MSRP) & w/o Accuair starting at $2,999 (MSRP)

Decade “Saki-Gake” Edition w/ Accuair air management starting at $4,399 (MSRP) & w/o Accuair starting at $3,699 (MSRP)

Tight Control “TC-5″ w/ Accurair air management starting at $6,499 (MSRP) & w/o Accuair starting at $5,799 (MSRP)

On the Ground “OG” w/ Accuair air management starting at $6,999 (MSRP) & w/o Accuair starting at $6,299 (MSRP)

SSR Vienna Kairos

SSR’s latest addition to their Vienna line is the Kairos. It is a 2 piece wheel offered in 18″ – 21″ with a super low disk option for those not having to clear big brakes to give maximum lip possible. In 18″ and 19″, widths are available in 7.5″ – 10″ and in 20″ they go from 7.5″ to a massive 13″ wide. The 21″ widths are available in 7.5″ – 11.5″. All offered in a wide range of offsets for custom specs and fitment without the 3 piece wheel price tag. Standard finishes are titan silver, silver polish, and black bronze. If you have any questions or would like some more info on this SSR wheel or any other wheels, please contact us at 480-921-2995 or email to sales@kyoei-usa.com.

Vertex USA Aero Kits for Lexus

Vertex USA offers body kits for Lexus LS460, GS300/350/400/430/460, SC430/400/300, IS250/350, IS300, & RX. Their kits are designed to add to the stock body lines without being over the top. Popular modes are kept in stock in the U.S. but they don’t last long. Its a good opportunity to get a high quality, Japanese made kit in stock in the U.S., which means shipping is only a few days. For those that don’t have a Lexus, they also offer kits for BMW, Ferrari, Honda, Infiniti, Mazda, Mercedes Benz, Nissan and Toyota. For more information and pricing, please call us at 480-921-2995 or email at sales@kyoei-usa.com.

LS460 / LS600h



Holiday / Christmas Special Sale! (Until supplies last!)

We here at Kyoei-USA are no exception! We’ve gotten together with some of our vendors to bring you, our customers and friends, amazing deals on everything from AME wheels and 5zigen exhausts to Bellezza tissue box covers. Keep in mind that some of these sales are just on remaining stock so you’ve got to act fast if you see something you like.

However there is one catch with our sale, it’ll last until supplies last.

Now for what you’ve all been waiting for, the good stuff!

Bellezza Neck Pads – 50% off retail + $15 shipping

PVC – $42.00 (MSRP $84.00)
PVC w/ Punching - $49.00 (MSRP $98.00)
Suede – $52.00 (MSRP $104.00)
Suede w/ Punching – $59.00 (MSRP $118.00)

Styles/Colors available include:

  • Black: Suede, Suede w/punching
  • Grey: PVC, PVC w/punching, Suede, Suede w/ punching
  • Beige: Suede, Suede w/punching
  • White: PVC, PVC w/punching, suede

Bellezza Tissue Box Cover – 60% off retail + $10 shipping

PVC – $11.20 (MSRP $28.00)
Suede - $12.80 (MSRP $32.00)

Styles/Colors available include:

  • Black: PVC, Suede
  • Grey: PVC, Suede
  • Beige: PVC
  • White: PVC, Suede

Bellezza Seat Covers for Scion xB(1st gen), xA, and tC(1st gen)

PVC – $195.00 (MSRP $269.00) + $25 shipping
Suede – $245.00 (MSRP $329.00) + $25 shipping

Styles/colors available include:

  • 1 Gen xB:  Black perforated suede, Black PVC perforated center,
  • xA:  Black PVC diamond stitch, Black PVC perforated center, Black suede diamond stitch, Black perforated suede,
  • 1 Gen tC:  Black PVC diamond stitch, Black PVC perforated center, Black perforated suede, Black suede diamond stitch.

5Zigen MegaMuffler Exhaust for 91-97 Lexus SC300 / 400   >>> SOLD <<<
$640.00 (MSRP $900.00) + $60 shipping

5Zigen MegaMuffler Exhaust for 98-05 Lexus GS300 / 400 / 430  >>> SOLD <<<
$700.00 (MSRP $1000.00) + $60 shipping

85% off!Gestalt Vourage Japanese 3 Piece Wheel (AME) w/o center cap
18×8.5 +42 (hi disk), 18×8.5 +45, 5×114.3
$600.00 +  $100 shipping  >>> SOLD <<<

80% off! Nel Classe Japanese 3 Piece Wheel (AME)
18×8.5 +45 (lo disk), 5×114.3
$900 +  $100 shipping
(1 sets available)

-Local pick up available on Bellezza and 5Zigen for customers in the Los Angeles area

*Tax must be added to all in state sales (Arizona).
**Shipping will be combined in some instances, however some items cannot be combined and shipping costs will be adjusted accordingly.
*** All sales are final, no returns or exchanges.