Ings+1 Lexus Aero Kit Lineup

Ings+1 offers a wide range of body kits for Lexus, Honda, Mitsubishi, Mazda, Porsche, Toyota, Nissan, and Subaru. The Lexus lineup is quite extensive for late models, with offerings for the LS430, LS460 / 600h, IS250 /350, and GS350 / 430 / 450h. Most of their popular kits are usually in stock in the U.S. and they are competitively priced. To see their entire lineup, please visit And if you have any questions about their products, please email us at or call us at 480-921-2995.

Nisei Week Car Show Downtown LA 2012

Not only did we represent at The Infamous in Long Beach this past weekend, but also at the Nisei Week Car Show in downtown Los Angeles in Little Tokyo. We want to thank Beat Sonic for inviting Cesar and his GS to represent for Kyoei at their booth. Also a shoutout to the Club4AG crew! We always enjoy returning to SoCal to hang out with you guys!

Kyoei USA GS300

JSP Fab single turbo Supra on HRE wheels stretching tires.

A lot of fine Hondas and Acuras showcased.

There was one other AZ car representing! Coincidentally, this car was also featured in the same Super Street issue that our LS400 was in (June ’12).

Top notch build on this IS300.

Toyota Supra with VVT-i 2JZ-GTE motor.

Very neat Honda City with Motocompo scooter.

LS460 lowered on HRE wheels.

Simple but clean IS300 lowered, sitting on SSR MS1s and JDM Altezza grill

Unfortunately, we don’t see CRZs modded much. It is a shame, this one looks great.

And we can’t forget about the lowriders!

AME Classic JDM Wheels Clearance Sale

We’ll be clearing out 4 sets of wheels that we’ll have in stock here at the shop in Tempe. We will be offering these wheels to our local customer for pickup at about $290 per wheel ($1160/set). They are 4 sets of old school AME Gestalt Vourage and Nel Classe RCK wheels in stock on clearance. For all you that aren’t familiar with these wheels, they were discontinued a long time ago. These are probably the only brand new sets left in existence. Even finding a used set is very rare. They were some of the best wheels available back in the day and they still hold their own today. They are Japanese made, 3-piece, high quality chrome finished wheels. For those looking to do something a little different than the current popular wheels, here is your chance to pick up some high quality, rare wheels for the price of one 3-piece wheel. These are great for the 5×114.3 Scions as well as other small and midsize cars. However you can always have them rebarreled to a different width and offset since they are a 3-piece construction. WheelFlip in Southern California can do all 4 wheels starting at about $900. They can also make these 19″ wheels. Please contact them for more info. These wheels won’t last long, so its first come, first serve. If you are interested, don’t waste any time and call us at 480-921-2995 or email us at for pricing.

AME Gestalt Vourage
18×8.5 +42 (L) 5-114.3 Chrome (Front)
18×8.5 +45 (H) 5-114.3 Chrome (Rear)

Nero Classe RCK
18×8.5 +45 (L) 5-114.3 Chrome