JP USA / Vizage Aero Kits

If you aren’t familiar with JP US / Vizage kits (not to be confused with Junction Produce), then you should be. They are a high quality, Japanese company that produces superb products at a very affordable cost. JP (Japan Products) is the largest and oldest Japanese aerodynamic components manufacturer.Their exclusive super polyurethane is so highly developed that there is no comparison to the cheaper polyurethanes out there. Their material is factory like so the fit, finish is spot on. It is also very flexible so it can absorb impact very well. They make aero parts for a huge number of makes and models. Individual pieces (front lip only for example) are available for purchase if the entire kit is not required. Most of the time kits are in stock in the U.S. Please contact us at 480-921-2995 or email us at for their full product line up and purchase inquiries.

Holiday Special Pricing on ALL Weds Kranze, Maverick, Bvillen, WedsSport & Leon Hardiritt Wheels!

Kyoei USA is going to be offering a special savings to all customers who place an order for any of the Weds & Leon Hardiritt wheels from now until end of January.  This includes any sub-brand under the Weds & Super Star Wheel names.  Prices are expected to be raised by possibly the beginning of February so now is the time to treat yourself and your car to some new wheels!

Please give us a call to discuss pricing and any questions you might have pertaining to fitment, sizes and color choices.  We are happy to help!!!

weds kranze wheels, vip style rims

weds kranze wheels, vip style rims

weds bvillens wheels, vip style rims

weds maverick wheels, vip style rims

leon hardiritt wheels, vip style rims

wedssport sa55m

WedsSport Wheels Now on Special!!!

In an effort to help Weds North America clear out some of their inventory we are offering HUGE savings on any set of WedsSport wheels that are currently instock.  Below is a list of what is currently available in their southern California warehouse.  All wheels are bolt pattern 5×114.3.

Please give us a call @ 480.921.2995 for pricing or email us

WedsSport TC-105N:
17×8 +42mm
17×8 +49mm
17×9 +49mm
18×8.5 +32mm
18×9.5 +35mm

wedssport tc-105n


WedsSport SA-55M:
18×8 +45mm – Black Blue Machining
18×8 +45mm – Matte Gray Machining
18×9 +20mm – Black Blue Machining
18×9 +20mm – Matte Gray Machining
18×9 +36mm – Matte Gray Machining
18×10 +18mm – Black Blue Machining

wedssport sa-55m

wedssport sa-55m


WedsSport SA-67R:
18×8 +45mm – BLC
18×9 +20mm – TS Gunmetal
18×9 +36mm – TS Gunmetal
18×10 +15mm – TS Gunmetal
19×8 +35mm – BLC
19×8 +45mm – BLC
19×9 +35mm – TS Gunmetal

wedssport sa-67r blc

wedssport sa-67r ts gunmetal