Junction Produce goodies

We have some Junction Produce Accessories in stock

Tsuna: Size Medium, Gold, Silver and White

Junction Produce Tsuna

Kin Tsuna: Gold, Size Medium

Junction Produce Tsuna Gold medium

.Gin Tsuna: Silver, Size Medium

Junction Produce Tsuna Silver medium

Shiro Tsuna: White, Size Medium

Junction Produce Tsuna white medium

Gold Tsuna, Size Small

Junction Produce Tsuna Gold small

Fusa:  Size Medium (300mm long), Kiku knot style, White, 2 style available (regular and ippon style) also we have small white Fusa (180mm long)Junction Produce Fusa white medium

Fusa Emblem, it can be attached to Fusa

Junction Produce Fusa Emblem

Neck Pads: White logo on Black

Junction Produce neck pads

We also have samll white Fusa and Luxury Curtain Size M in stock

Please contact us for pricing info@kyoei-usa.com


Bellezza Clearance Sale

We are taking pre-orders on the leftover Bellezza products in stock in the U.S. Everything leftover is 40% off! The leftover items are very limited in size and color, so unfortunately many of the popular sizes for curtains are sold out. If you need medium or large size curtains though, you still have a chance to get a hold of some in stock in the U.S. There are plenty of tissue box covers and neck pads still available to help customize your interior. Call us at 480-921-2995 or email us at sales@kyoei-usa.com as soon as possible. Products no longer in the U.S. will have to be sourced straight from Japan so that means that the price and shipping cost will increase. Don’t wait! Get them now in stock, on sale, for half of what it would cost to get them from Japan. Hurry they are selling fast!

Curtains Medium

Curtains Large


PVC Neck Pads
Perforated PVC

Suede Neck Pads

Perforated Suede


Suede Tissue Box Covers

Tissue Cover

PVC Leather Tissue Box Cover

PVC tissue cover