LFA “Lexus Fuji Apex” Experience

We got the opportunity to get a close look at the Lexus LFA earlier this year. We learned a lot about the car and the engineering behind it. We were told that for a supercar, the LFA is comfortable and easy to drive. It is a car you can daily drive and not feel like you are driving a high performance vehicle that blasts through a Nurburgring lap in 7:14. But talking to those who have first hand experience in driving the LFA, they all agree that if you hit the downshift paddle and push the gas pedal to wide open throttle, the engine comes alive and screams to the 9,000 RPM redline. They said that the engine response is incredible and exhaust note is similar to that of an F1 car. This just gives you a glimpse into the kind of engineering that went into creating the LFA.

Lexus LFA LCD gauges. Feel likes a video game because you can toggle through the different gauges. But the real reason for LCD is because the engine response is too fast for the traditional needle gauge.

Ready for take off!

Toyotafest 2012 Torrance, California

This year’s Toyotafest was awesome and we are happy to say that the Kyoei cars were on display. We made the 370+ mile trek from Tempe to Long Beach on Friday morning. We arrived Friday evening to get some rest and be up bright and early for roll in Saturday morning. Best part of it all was that we weren’t there on our own, we had friends from Arizona that tagged along. We are happy to say that our two friends, Louis and Drew, took home 1st place Best Lexus IS and 3rd place Best Lexus IS. Our LS400 was on display in Beat-Sonic’s booth. Big thanks to them for all their support! It made for some good times and great memories. We are looking forward to next year’s event already!