Find Rich Car Show 2012 Hyogo, Japan

While Kyoei was in Japan for USDM Jam, we also had the pleasure of attending the Find Rich Car Show in Hyogo, Japan at the Tajima Dome. There were 300 cars on display. Here are just a few of the pictures we took! Be sure to click on the gallery link at the bottom of the page for more pictures.

Our good friend Vellzou and his Vellfire with so much custom work done to it. He spent months to custom create his headlights. They are a work of art!


Best of Show Winner

This is our friend TOMO★ぴかR and her car. Not everyday that you see a female so involved in the scene with an awesome car, but she is also a mother! Talk about dedication to the game. To top it all of, her car was just on the K Car Magazine cover. Congratulations!

More Pictures:

OGS Prius IP Switch

We came across this cool new product for the ZVW30 Prius. It is an “Intelligence Position Switch” and it replaces the factory shift knob so you can operate B, R, N and D electronically with a push of a button. It is also lit with LEDs you have the option of hundreds of different color combinations. Installation is plug n’ play so its DIY-friendly. And it is now available for LHD cars (U.S. spec). If you are interested in this, call us at 480.921.2995 or send us an email at

Full color LEDs are built in each button on the IPS and the OGS logo part. You can change the colors anytime you like (*1) from the seven available colors, red, blue, yellow, white, purple, light blue and green. The illumination also has a dimmer function.

ZVW30 Prius LED Dome Lights

A local customer with a 2010 Toyota Prius (equipped with the optional LED headlights) had us install the Luxer1 LED dome light, as well as the rear interior LEDs, that he purchased from us. The install was a breeze. The customer could not have been happier with the outcome. The interior is now brightly lit, as opposed to the poor output the dull, halogen, factory light produced. It also gave the car a very modern and updated look, even thought it is a 2010. The Prius is a technologically advanced car and we felt that the stock halogen interior lights did not do the car justice. In fact, the Prius is all about efficiency and so are these Luxer1 LEDs because they use a fraction of the power that conventional bulbs use. Check out the pictures and call 480-921-2995 or email us at if you would like more information.

Luxer1 vs Stock Comparison:

Final Result:

DIY LED Lighting Ideas

We thought we would share a few pages out of the Japanese LED Style2 Magazine (the same print company as VIP Style & K-Style).  Even though the magazine is written in Japanese you can still get plenty of awesome ideas to play around with no matter what kind of car you drive.  There are some interesting ideas in this magazine and I recommend anyone that is into doing additional exterior or interior lighting on your car to check it out.  This issue even had a free LED light inside (see 2nd pic)!!!

led style2, lighting, vip lighting, aftermarket lighting

led style2, lighting, vip lighting, aftermarket lighting

led style2, lighting, vip lighting, aftermarket lighting, ls400, ucf20, celsior

led style2, lighting, vip lighting, aftermarket lighting, gs300, gs400, aristo

led style2, lighting, vip lighting, aftermarket lighting

led style2, lighting, vip lighting, aftermarket lighting

Luxer1 LED Bulbs: Dome Light, 194, Spot Lamp and Strip LED’s all in stock!

Kyoei USA keeps most Luxer1 LED bulbs in stock in their Tempe, Arizona warehouse.  When you want only the best quality in LED lighting, look no further than Luxer1 products.  They are made from the highest quality LEDs.  They ensure long life, are energy efficient and have high luminescence.  You’ll be amazed the difference in lighting quality & brightness when you swap out your OEM factory bulbs for the Luxer1 LEDs.  Luxer1 offers many varieties of bulbs to fit most vehicles.  Whether you need a dome light kit, wedge style, spot lamps or strip LED’s Luxer1 will have something for you.  Many of the dome light kits are vehicle specific for a perfect fit and superior brightness.  Please contact us to see what is available for your vehicle.

Check out our website for pricing and info on Luxer1 LED bulbs!!!