In Momory of the Good Old Days from Grinder TV

Not long ago Grinder TV released their first DVD Volume One,  we are very happy to be part of their DVD, and came out very nice.  this was filmed about 4 years ago in Arizona…  This film bring us back good old days memory when we debuted at 2011 Sema Show.

We recommend you to watch their first DVD preview as well, this was filmed at 5 different countries with one passion “automobile”

Osaka Auto Messe 2015

We made it to Osaka Auto Messe 2015, it was just after Tokyo Auto Salon…  There are so many nice cars, VIP, Van, Wagon, K-Car and more…  Here are some pictures we took…IMG_3407.JPG

170 Motoring Overfender Prius IMG_3576.JPG


IMG_3583.JPG  IMG_3589.JPG


Black PearlIMG_3542.JPG



T-Demand New VellfireIMG_3528.JPG




Nizo-Low CelsiorIMG_3517.JPG

J-Unit Crown AthleteIMG_3524.JPG


K-Break LSIMG_3506.JPG

VIP Style BoothIMG_3507.JPG





IMG_3499.JPG IMG_3495.JPG


Kuhl Racing GTRIMG_3484.JPG IMG_3471.JPG




Mode ParfumeIMG_3414.JPG



2002 IMG_3443.JPG




G-Drive equipped ACC / Airrunner TeslaIMG_3452.JPG

GZG50 Century / Junction Produce IMG_3438.JPG


IMG_3428.JPG IMG_3424.JPG


Over Fender Y33IMG_3411.JPG


Hello Special PassolIMG_3622.JPG

Aimgain LS460 / 600h VIP GT

The Aimgain VIP GT ‘Grand Touring’ bodykit is the latest and most aggressive LS460 / 600h kit in their lineup. Typically, the majority of Aimgain’s kits have been very simple and clean. But this kit is more aggressive without being over the top in our opinion. Not to mention, the demo car also features an HKS supercharger kit to top it all off. The exterior is finished off with the black paint, the perfect color for an LS460 this aggressive.

Notice the LED fogs and day time running lights.

Got to love the intercooler peeking through the front bumper opening.

We really like the look of this rear trunk spoiler.

Very clean engine bay with the HKS supercharger poking through the factory covers.

Kyoei USA LS400 in Super Street Magazine

As many of you know by now, our LS400 was featured in the June issue of Super Street Magazine this year. Its hard to believe, but it has been 9 months ago since this all started to come about. It began in November last year at SEMA. Our car was spotted by Super Street and asked me if we were interested in having it featured in the magazine. We agreed and we exchanged contact information. Then in December, Sean from Super Street came to Arizona and met us at our shop with his assistant to shoot the car. We ended up going to the Tempe Center for Arts, which is a really unique building near the shop, and Sean proceeded to take some awesome shots of the car. After that, it was all a waiting game. The 5 months or so after the shoot seemed really long until the June issue finally came out. We want to send another big thanks to the Super Street team for offering us this opportunity and making it happen.

Super Street Online Article

A behind the scenes peek of Sean getting ready to do work with the camera.

Exterior shots of the car with the Tempe Center for the Arts building in the background.

June 2012 Cover

“Jin and Juice” article cover page

In the News plaque which hangs on the shop showroom wall.

Wekfest LA 2012 Long Beach, CA

We had the pleasure of being admitted into the Wekfest LA show this year. This show is one of the best shows every year because cars have to be pre-screened before they allow you to register. We were told out of 1400-1600 applications, only 450 cars or so are admitted. We had our LS400 in Airrunner’s booth, so we want to give them a big thanks for all the help and support. There were a total of 6 cars with us there. Big congratulations for our good friend Jerell in his Skyboxx xB for taking 1st place. And our friend Elmer Lee in his blue 240 with widened BNSports widebody kit took 2nd place. Overall the location, the weather, the cars, and the people were awesome. We met a lot of new friends, spent time with the rest of our friends, and even finally got to meet friends in person for the first time. The WEKSOS guys were great and very helpful. Looking forward to this show from now on. And maybe one day we can make to Wekfest San Francisco.

ACCtv / Air Runner / Wekfest LA 2012 from ACCtv on Vimeo.