Toyota Century GZG50 V12 1GZ-FE

When you hear Toyota Century you may recognize but for some people never heard of it… because it never sold in the US.  We would say Toyota Century is one of the best car Toyota made.  We always dreamed about this car.  We had a opportunity to get Century Brochure from Japan.  The brochure itself already tell us that quality product will be introduced in there.  We are hoping we can show you real Century someday….




Before show inside of brochure let us explain what kind of car is Toyota Century.

Here we got better explanation from Wikipedia.  This is about Second generation Century 1997 ~.  First generation was 1967-1997

“The Century received a complete redesign in 1997, although the new model was visually very similar to the previous generation. This current model is powered by a 280 PS (206 kW; 276 hp) 5.0 L 1GZ-FE V12, initially with a 4-speed automatic, until a 6-speed “intelligent” transmission arrived in 2005. It also features air suspension. The Century remains the first and only Japanesefront-engine, rear-wheel drive production car equipped with a V12. This was Toyota’s first V12 engine.

The Century was Toyota’s most luxurious model at its inception in 1967, and maintained this status throughout the 20th century. Today, it is positioned above the Lexus line-up, and remains the most luxurious and prestigious model to wear the Toyota badge. The Century is distinguished by different paint options than the rest of the Toyota line-up. The Century shares the role of flagship with the Toyota Crown Majesta with almost identical dimensions to the Century but with a more modern approach and appearance that appeals to younger buyers, and both vehicles are exclusive to the Toyota Store dealership network in Japan.

Like other cars in the top of the luxury class, the Century is designed with the rear passengers in mind. Hence, the rear seats recline and the front passenger seat has a fold-down center section so that a passenger in the back may stretch his feet forward. The rear seats are equipped with a massage system. The exterior door handles open the doors electrically since the sound of the door being opened mechanically is perceived as being “too obtrusive”. The doors do not need to be closed directly, instead the door only needs to contact the latch, causing the door to pull itself completely closed electrically.

The vehicles’ interiors are usually ordered in wool cloth, rather than the leather seen in many luxury cars; leather is not as quiet as cloth when sat upon. The vehicle can be ordered in any color the purchaser desires, however, they are usually medium brown, burgundy or royal blue inside, with black exterior paint. Vehicles primarily intended for livery service usually have leather interiors in gray, for easier interior cleaning and durability. White lace curtains are usually installed in the rear window, instead of tinted windows, which are perceived to attract unwarranted attention. The passengers usually like to be seen in a Century, despite Asian tendencies for modesty.”

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