Junction Produce goodies

We have some Junction Produce Accessories in stock

Tsuna: Size Medium, Gold, Silver and White

Junction Produce Tsuna

Kin Tsuna: Gold, Size Medium

Junction Produce Tsuna Gold medium

.Gin Tsuna: Silver, Size Medium

Junction Produce Tsuna Silver medium

Shiro Tsuna: White, Size Medium

Junction Produce Tsuna white medium

Gold Tsuna, Size Small

Junction Produce Tsuna Gold small

Fusa:  Size Medium (300mm long), Kiku knot style, White, 2 style available (regular and ippon style) also we have small white Fusa (180mm long)Junction Produce Fusa white medium

Fusa Emblem, it can be attached to Fusa

Junction Produce Fusa Emblem

Neck Pads: White logo on Black

Junction Produce neck pads

We also have samll white Fusa and Luxury Curtain Size M in stock

Please contact us for pricing info@kyoei-usa.com


JDM VIP Car Accessories: Bellezza, Junction Produce, Garson, Kbreak, etc

Kyoei USA carries all the JDM VIP car accessories you may want for your VIP style car.  Some of the most popular brands that we carry are Bellezza, Junction Produce, Garson and K.Break.  Whether you need curtains, neck pads, tissue covers, shift knobs, broadway mirrors, steering wheel covers, fusa or a table we can provide that for you.

Bellezza curtains are for the most part universal and offered in 3 different sizes, small, medium and large.  They come in Black, White, Beige and Grey.  Bellezza neck pads come in one size but 4 different styles, PVC Leather, PVC Leather Perforated, Suede and Suede Perforated.  They come in Black, White, Beige and Grey.  Bellezza tissue covers come in PVC Leather or Suede and are available in Black, White, Beige and Grey.  Bellezza also offers steering wheel covers in small, medium and large in the 4 standard colors as well.

Another popular accessory is the Junction Produce Fusa.  It comes in 2 different styles “Agemaki” and “Kiku”.  The difference is how the knot is tied.  They come in a wide variety of colors and 3 sizes.  Check our site for more info.

We have most of these items on our website and are adding more items every day.  If there is something you want that you don’t see on our site yet, feel free to give us a call 480.921.2995 M-F 10am to 7pm or send us an email sales@kyoei-usa.com.

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