Aimgain VIP GT Body kit for Lexus LS460 / 600h F-Sport

Aimgain VIP GT Body kit for Lexus LS460 / 600h F-Sport MC~  USF40/UVF45

aimgain ls460 kouki vip gt 1

aimgain ls460 kouki vip gt 2

Without Over fendersaimgain ls460 kouki vip gt 3

with Over Fendersaimgain ls460 kouki vip gt 4

Hood Spoileraimgain ls460 kouki vip gt hoodspoiler

aimgain ls460 kouki vip gt rear

Roof Spoileraimgain ls460 kouki vip gt roof spoiler

Side aimgain ls460 kouki vip gt sidestep

Trunk Spoiler (Pic is Carbon wrap) actual is made by FRPaimgain ls460 kouki vip gt trunk spoiler

Aimgain ls460 kouki vip gt

Full kit (3 set) Front Bumper, Side Step, Rear Bumper (back fog included)

Trunk Spoiler

Roof Spoiler

Hood Spoiler

Front Over Fender (30mm wide)

Rear Over Fender (50mm wide)

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New Aimgain Forged GIIM 22inch wheels

Aimgain just introduced New Forged GIIM wheel in 22inch (2 pieces, full reverse)

These are perfect for Lexus LS460 and LS600h

Width: 8.5J ~ 11.5J             PCD: 5H 108 ~ 130

Disc Type: Super High, High, Low, Super Low


Forged GIIM Carbon Black   22×10.5+27

w4b (1)


Forged GIIM Brushed Black   22×10.5+31

aimgain giim brushed black


Forged GIIM 3D Brushed   22×10.5+31

Aimgain GIIM 1


Forged GIIM Mirror Buff   22×10.5+27

aimgain gIIm mirror buff




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New 2014 Lexus IS250 350 F-Sport kit in Carbon & FRP debut from Aimgain

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2014 Lexus IS

Type I

2014 Lexus IS type I

Type II

2014 Lexus IS


Front Under Spoiler (Carbon & FRP)

Side Skirt (Carbon & FRP)

Rear Under Spoiler Type I (Carbon & FRP) and Type II (FRP only)

Trunk Spoiler (Carbon & FRP)

Roof Spoiler (Carbon & FRP)

Type I Muffler finisher

Type II Carbon Loop Muffler


Aimgain Kyoei photo 8b6942ac_zps795af902.jpg

Aimgain Kyoei photo a7fb8aa2_zps51715831.jpg

Aimgain Kyoei photo ISloop_zps02f5e072.jpg

LFA “Lexus Fuji Apex” Experience

We got the opportunity to get a close look at the Lexus LFA earlier this year. We learned a lot about the car and the engineering behind it. We were told that for a supercar, the LFA is comfortable and easy to drive. It is a car you can daily drive and not feel like you are driving a high performance vehicle that blasts through a Nurburgring lap in 7:14. But talking to those who have first hand experience in driving the LFA, they all agree that if you hit the downshift paddle and push the gas pedal to wide open throttle, the engine comes alive and screams to the 9,000 RPM redline. They said that the engine response is incredible and exhaust note is similar to that of an F1 car. This just gives you a glimpse into the kind of engineering that went into creating the LFA.

Lexus LFA LCD gauges. Feel likes a video game because you can toggle through the different gauges. But the real reason for LCD is because the engine response is too fast for the traditional needle gauge.

Ready for take off!