Toyota 86 / Scion FR-S new body kit debut from Aimgain

FRS / 86 / BRZ

Front Bumper (include Grill and LED Day Light)

Side Step

Rear Bumper (include Back Fog)

Trunk Spoiler

Roof Spoiler

Front Wide Fender +30mm wider

Rear Wide Fender +50mm wider

Loop Muffler (Carbon / Titanium)

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Toyota 86 Scion FR-S

Toyota 86 Scion FR-S

Aimgain Kyoei photo d6a50dbb_zps8d9c7569.jpg

Aimgain Kyoei photo d0be832c_zps6d0459b0.jpg

Beat Sonic Roof Spoiler for Scion FR-S Subaru BRZ will be available soon!

Beat Sonic Pre-Painted Roof Spoiler for Scion FR-S Subaru BR-Z will be available soon!

• Roof Spoiler specially designed and manufactured for 2013 Scion FR-S and Subaru BRZ models to enhance the body lines that connect the roof and the trunk.
• Matches the curves of Scion FR-S and Subaru BRZ to ensure exact fitment.
• Pre-painted and color matched to Scion FR-S and Subaru BRZ models for an exact match in color using high quality OEM paint.
• Directly attached to the top edge of the rear window easily using automotive grade 3M double-sided tape.
• Installation requires no modification and easily reversible
• Made by Polypropylene

• 2013-Scion FR-S
• 2013 Subaru BRZ


Color Available:
Asphalt (FRW13-61K)
Argento (FRW1-D6S)
Firestorm (FRW1-C7P)
Hot Lava (FRW1-H8R)
Raven (FRW1-D4S)
Ultramarine (FRW1-E8H)
Whiteout (FRW1-37J)
World Rally Blue (FRW1-42C)

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RS-R Coilovers and Lowering Springs for New 2014 IS250 IS350 F-Sport are now available!

RS-R Sport i coilovers are NOW available for 2014 LexusIS250/350 RWD / AWD Base model and F-Sport.        Black i Coilover for RWD coming soon!

Sport i   $1899 plus shipping / tax

Maximum adjustment range:  Front +25 ~ -95mm, Rear -10 ~ -60mm

Spring Rate: Front 10.0kg/mm, Rear 8.3kg/mm

RS-R Lowering Springs are NOW available for 2014 Lexus IS250 IS350 RWD / AWD Base model and F-Sport are

RS-R Down Springs  $279  plus shipping / tax.  Front 20 – 25mm, Rear 10 – 15mm

RS-R Super Down Spring $309  plus shipping / tax.  Front 45 – 50mm, Rear 40 – 45mm

*** Currently available ***

Sports i Coilovers: FRS, BRZ, 2013 GS350, GS300, LS460, LS430, LS400, Prius

Black i Coilovers: FRS, BRZ, 2013 GS350, GS300, LS460, LS430, LS400, Prius

Superdown lowering springs: 2013 GS350 AWD, RWD, F-Sport

Down Springs: 2013 GS350 AWD, RWD, F-Sport

For more info:  323.305.4416

2014-lexus-is350GS350 RWD Set




SEMA Show 2012 Las Vegas

This year’s SEMA show was a success. We met with Felgenoutlet for a photoshoot and with Airrunner Acctv for a video shoot Friday. Friday night we attended the Vegas VIP meet. We can’t wait for next year!

Our friends at Beat-Sonic brought out their FRS for their booth.


Samson’s LS430 from Revision Audio in Haiwaii



Dustin’s Mode Parfume GS also from Revision Audio in Haiwaii


LS460 with Job Design kit and what appear to be VIP Modular wheels.


Weksos’ LS460 with Junction Produce kit and 22″ Scara wheels on Airrunner Air Suspension system.


FiveAxis LS F-Sport on Airrunner Suspension in the Lexus Booth