Lexus LS460 2013 Conversion

Our LS460 project demo car began in 2013 as a 2010 Sport Package equipped model in Starfire Pearl white paint. Our goal was to build the car for the SEMA show that year. The car was outfitted with the Aimgain JUN VIP body kit with front fenders, roof and trunk spoilers. We also went with the Aimgain 21″ G-Luxe wheels and Airrunner On the Ground air suspension system.


After a successful year of touring several California, Las Vegas, and Arizona car shows, the 2014 SEMA Show was around the corner.  We were honored with the opportunity to take the car again, so the next phase began. We decided on a full custom PINK wrap with dark gray accents. Much of our inspiration came from the new Toyota Crown Hybrid that was offered in pink from the factory.




Once again, after a year long successful show tour, we had the privilege of returning to the SEMA Show for a third year in a row. This time, we went with the biggest transformation yet. We took on the task of attempting and completing the first 2013+ full exterior conversion. Although there are many fine examples in Japan of 07-12 LS460s converted to 2013, there were none, as far as we knew, in North America. To top off the conversion, we decided to have it re-wrapped in a beautiful custom Satin Nero wrap with pink accents.


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As you can see, the 2013+ conversion completely transforms the car, it is hard to believe that it is the same car from 2014. Aside from the Aimgain JUN VIP GT body kit which consists of the front bumper, side skirts, rear bumper, front fenders, roof, trunk and hood spoiler, all other parts are OEM.

You can refer to VIPCAR Magazine VOL. 213 December 2013 for the exterior comparisons below.

LS info 1 LS info 2


-Bumper “AIMGAIN”
-Left and Right Radiator Support
-Inner Fender Liner
-Fenders “AIMGAIN”
-Headlights w/ bracket
-Fog Lamps
-Headlight Plug n’ Play Harness (Please call us for more info)


-Side skirts “AIMGAIN”
-Bottom Door Chrome Trim
-Door Side Mirrors (Not converted on our car)


-Bumper w/ bracket “AIMGAIN”
-License Plate Garnish
-Inner Tail Lights
-Outer Tail Lights

There is a lot more information and details about the build that meets the eye so stay tuned! To be continued..

Sema Show 2015

We had a great opportunity to show our LS460 and Prius at Sema Show 2015.  We wanna say Thank You to our supporters and sponsors which are “Airrunner”, “Aimgain”, “Beat-Sonic”, “Lexon Exclusive”, “Work wheel”, “Weds Wheel” “Poboy Kustom”, EA wrap”, Speziell”, “Absolute Paint Works”, OEM Audio” and many others.IMG_0832IMG_1333IMG_1129IMG_1750

rained out…kyoei usa priuskyoei priuskyoei priuskyoei priusVIP Style Cars John’s GSIMG_0833IMG_1378IMG_1582IMG_1704IMG_1700IMG_1544IMG_1638IMG_1597aimgain gtrIMG_2043

Find Rich Car Show 2012 Hyogo, Japan

While Kyoei was in Japan for USDM Jam, we also had the pleasure of attending the Find Rich Car Show in Hyogo, Japan at the Tajima Dome. There were 300 cars on display. Here are just a few of the pictures we took! Be sure to click on the gallery link at the bottom of the page for more pictures.

Our good friend Vellzou and his Vellfire with so much custom work done to it. He spent months to custom create his headlights. They are a work of art!


Best of Show Winner

This is our friend TOMO★ぴかR and her car. Not everyday that you see a female so involved in the scene with an awesome car, but she is also a mother! Talk about dedication to the game. To top it all of, her car was just on the K Car Magazine cover. Congratulations!

More Pictures:

2010 VIP Festival in San Diego, CA

After hooking up with a small group of guys from Vegas we had a little 8 car caravan to San Diego.  It was nice to drive with a bunch of other VIP cars since last year it was only 2 cars.  It definitely made the drive more fun and our new Air Runner suspension really made the drive a lot easier than last year when our LS400 was slammed on coilovers.  What else can we say about this year’s VIP Festival?!?  It was AMAZING!!!  The turnout was probably at least double what it was last year.  AutoFashion decided to have some vendors this time which was a welcome addition to the meet.  Air Runner, Work Wheels, Ings, Weds, Falken and even Lexus showed up with a super gangster enclosed trailer.  Thanks to Autofashion for hosting great event VIP festivel. 

Like the Vegas VIP meet it was great to kick it with everyone all day.  Everyone we met was friendly and awesome to chill with.  We can only imagine what next year’s VIP Festival will be like since this year just absolutely blew up.

Be sure to check out these videos from the meet!!!

Here are a few pics from this years VIP Festival, you can see more pics here:

Step Lip Work Varianza T1S on 2009 Lexus IS250

Our good friend and customer Matt waited about 5 months to get his Work Varianza T1s wheels.  The wait was worth every second after we got these bad boys mounted on the car.  Next up after the holidays is coilovers so we can slam this thing.  He is riding on lowering springs for the time being.  Fitment is pretty much in between conservative and semi-aggressive.  Matt wanted step lip so that limited the fitment to doing 9′s and 10′s for widths.  Final specs ended up being 19×9 +35mm and 19×10 +35mm with 225/35/19 and 245/35/19 Vredestein tires.  The finish is called Black Polish which looks killer on this Black IS250.  Black Polish has a polished/machined metal finish on the face of the spokes and the inside of the spokes are gloss black.  We’ll see how things look after the coilover install, but we might want to add some spacers to get the “HellaFlush” look on this IS250.  Stay tuned for updates on Matt’s car!

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