Feature Updates

Since our Lexus LS400 and GS300 were originally featured on CarsxHype a year ago, both cars have been through a lot of changes. So we decided to do a double update. Special thanks to Otis Blank and CarsxHype!



US VIP Magazine

The first issue for the US VIP magazine in Japan from USDM Freax which showcases the US VIP scene, including Hawaii, Guam, and the east and west coast. We are proud to say that both our LS400 and GS300 were featured! Thanks to US VIP magazine!


usvip p50

usvip p51

usvip p52

6th Annual AutoFashion VIP Festival

We attended this year’s VIP Festival in San Diego, California. It was awesome seeing our friends again. We also met a lot of new friends too. Big thanks to AutoFashion. We can’t wait for next year!

Kyoei LS400 with Aimgain Jun VIP Body Kit and 19″ SSR Vienna Merisia

Kyoei GS300 on WEDS Maverick 210S


LS400 with Aimgain Cygnus body kit


SquadOne LS430 with custom one-off body kit and Leon Hardiritt Orden wheels


LS460 w/ kit and VIP Modular wheels


JDM Palace Junction Produce LS430


2013 Lexus GS350 Lowering Springs and Coilovers

Tanabe and RS*R offer lowering springs, including F-Sport models. RS*R also offers their Luxury Best-i coilovers with multiple height and dampening adjustments. Please contact us for the latest update and availability info by emailing us at or by calling 480-921-2995.

Tanabe NF210 lowering springs lower the front by 1.1″ and rears by 1.2″ (F-Sport) 

RS*R’s springs lower the front by approximately 1.06″ and rears by 1.25″ (F-Sport model figures are approximately 0.5″ front and rear)

RS*R Super-i and Luxury Best-i coilovers lower the fronts by up to 2.36″ and the rears by up to 2.95″. (F-Sport drop is up to 2.36 inches front and rear)

GS350 Front Upper Mount Top View

GS350 RWD Set


RS-R Superdown Sus for the 2013 Lexus GS350 RWD

Chassis code: GRL10

Non F sport

Approximate lowering:

Front: -45mm to -50mm
Rear: -45mm to -50mm

Spring rates:

Front: 4.89kg/mm
Rear: 8.16kg/mm

F sport

Approximate lowering:

Front: -40mm to -45mm
Rear: -40mm to -45mm

Spring rates:

Front: 4.89kg/mm
Rear: 8.16kg/mm

Slammed Society Las Vegas 2012

We had the pleasure of attending Slammed Society Las Vegas this year. It was a good opportunity to hang out with our Vegas friends again and check out the current, local scene.

Cesar and his turbo GS made the trip from Phoenix to Las Vegas rolling on 20″ Weds Maverick 210S.

Roy’s and his clean Q45 navigate Vegas streets static on coilovers.

Glenn’s GS, check out that rear lip!

Yoshi’s Black GS on air suspension with Aristo 2JZ-GTE VVT-i swap

JonJon brought out the LS430 again right after winning at Infamous earlier this month in Long Beach.

Joel’s LS430 lowered on coilovers and aggressive Wald wheels. He will soon be doing fender work to get her lower.

Our local friend Jerell, with the help from his wife Leslie, drove the Skyboxx xB and his supercharged Miata from Phoenix.