Nisei Week Car Show Downtown LA 2012

Not only did we represent at The Infamous in Long Beach this past weekend, but also at the Nisei Week Car Show in downtown Los Angeles in Little Tokyo. We want to thank Beat Sonic for inviting Cesar and his GS to represent for Kyoei at their booth. Also a shoutout to the Club4AG crew! We always enjoy returning to SoCal to hang out with you guys!

Kyoei USA GS300

JSP Fab single turbo Supra on HRE wheels stretching tires.

A lot of fine Hondas and Acuras showcased.

There was one other AZ car representing! Coincidentally, this car was also featured in the same Super Street issue that our LS400 was in (June ’12).

Top notch build on this IS300.

Toyota Supra with VVT-i 2JZ-GTE motor.

Very neat Honda City with Motocompo scooter.

LS460 lowered on HRE wheels.

Simple but clean IS300 lowered, sitting on SSR MS1s and JDM Altezza grill

Unfortunately, we don’t see CRZs modded much. It is a shame, this one looks great.

And we can’t forget about the lowriders!

AutoCon Los Angeles 2012

Our good friends at Beat-Sonic were kind enough to invite us and our LS400 out to their booth at AutoCon LA. It was one of the biggest or the biggest booth at the show with a total of 13 cars on display. And we can’t forget about the lovely Yukata (traditional Japanese summer garment) ladies for greeting people and posing for pictures. Despite the 100+ degree weather, we had an awesome time hanging out with everyone. Big thanks to Beat-Sonic, Airrunner and everyone else who helped make it happen. We look forward to more California car shows in the near future!

Airrunner ACCtv Wekfest video coverage

ACCtv / Air Runner / Wekfest LA 2012 from ACCtv on Vimeo.

Real JDM Models at the Beat-Sonic booth

Beat-Sonic booth

Beat-Sonic crew and friends

Rodney’s and Matt’s hybrids on display.

Taz with the lowest iQ on Airrunner air suspension and 5Axis body kit and wheels

Moto-san’s FRS and company at the booth. There were 5 FRS at the Beat-Sonic booth alone, including this purple wrapped one and black one with 5Axis kit. Also there was another white FRS and Ryan’s blue FRS (not pictured here).

Beat-Sonic’s famous sharkfin antennas

The lovely Naoko posing for the camera.

Andy’s cool Cube next to our LS400

For more of Arika, visit her website

Mr. Moto Miwa modeling in front of his car too with Naoko.

Our LS400 with the real JDM treatment.

Old school Infiniti VIP build all the way from El Paso, Texas.

A nice showing of some Euro flavor.

Sticky Diljoe’s own Q45

Osamu from Airrunner throwing up the peace sign.

Exclusive Kyoei USA stickers at the Airrunner booth.

James’ RX on Airrunner

Always cool to see some modded Ruckus’

LS460 slammed on VIP Modular wheels

Platinum VIP’s Job Design LS460 sitting on their own line of forged wheels, Phantom Forged, and Phantom Cup Kit with coilovers.

LS430 on Weds Kranze Bazreia wheels

Wilson’s LS400 on Garson wheels..the car is for sale by the way.

Ferrari F430 with wheel fitment