VIPCAR Magazine Interview with Mr. Taketomi of Junction Produce

We are VERY excited to bring you the 2013 March VIPCAR Magazine Issue. We had a great opportunity to sit and talk with Mr. Taketomi, VIP originator and owner of Junction Produce. Much of the conversation was about the VIP scene in the U.S. and where we each thought it is headed. It was real pleasure and honor to get this opportunity, we want to give a huge thanks to Mr. Taketomi and Mr. Katayama of VIPCAR Magazine!

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Kyoei USA Tuning FI Finland Magazine Feature

Almost exactly one year ago, we had the pleasure of meeting Tomi and Tuukka from Tuning FI magazine from Finland. They saw our LS400 in Las Vegas at the SEMA Show and they asked us if they could shoot it for their magazine. The issue came out and Tuning FI was kind enough to send us some copies. Big shoutout to them and a big thanks for the feature! We also want to take this opportunity to thank our sponsor for their support!

VIP Style Magazine 10th Anniversary Issue

We recently received the latest issue of one of our favorite magazines, VIP Style.  It is pretty amazing to know that the VIP scene has stayed strong in Japan for the last 10 years and is still extremely popular over there.  This issue even shows images of the very first issues of VIP Style from back in October 2001.  It’s crazy to see what the scene looked like 10 years ago in Japan compared to just the last couple years in the USA.  It seems we have lots of catching up to do!!

Towards the back of the issue they show what they feel are the most memorable 50 cars that have been featured over the years.  This just goes to show the amount of time, effort, money and most of all pride that goes into building such amazing vehicles.  When it comes to building the best of the best in VIP cars nobody does it better than the Japanese.

I highly recommend everyone that is into the VIP car scene to pick up this issue, you won’t be disappointed!

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Arizona LS400 Makes it into VIP Style Japanese Magazine

A couple months back there was a thread on asking for people to submit their cars for the chance to get picked to be in the Japanese VIP Style magazine.  We submitted our Kyoei USA project LS400 at the very last moment hoping we would make the cut-off.  So we waited.  Eventually a thread popped up on the forum by one of the members that made it into the article.  We were excited to find out that our LS400 made the cut.  They picked only 4 cars for the USA section and ours was one of them!!  The article is called “VIP World Cup”.  They dedicated a pretty large section of the magazine to showcase VIP cars from all over the World including countries such as: Australia, Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, USA, Hong Kong and Canada.  It’s pretty cool to see what people are doing all over the planet.

Props goes out to the owner Jin for building an extremely clean and traditional VIP style LS400.  This proves that you don’t have to have the most aggressive wheels or modifications in order to get featured by a magazine.

Photo Credit: Chris @

vip style, magazine, ls400, celsior, kyoei usa, ucf20

vip style, magazine, ls400, celsior, kyoei usa, ucf20

vip style, magazine, ls400, celsior, kyoei usa, ucf20

vip style, magazine, ls400, celsior, kyoei usa, ucf20