Airrnner Airsuspension System Equipped Prius!

One of our Demo car is on YouTube now!!  This Prius debuted at 2013 Sema Show, and we had this 2014 Sema Show also.

This video is made by ACCtv aka Airrunner.

Thanks ACCtv for making great video!  check out their other videos!


Some photos


prius sema











2013 Toyota Prius 2 base model, ZVW30  – Spec –

Aimgain Hybrid Type III Body kit

  • Front Bumper

  • Side Skirts

  • Rear Bumper (with 2013 LS460 Muffer Tips and Reflector)

  • Roof wing

AirRunner Air Suspension System Type SP-Low Version

  • Manual Switch & Manual Gauges

  • Air Lift Auto Pilot V2 Air Managements

  • 5 Gallon Stainless Air Tank

  • Viair 380C Air Compressor


  • Blaid Antenna BLA2T-202

  • Audio Shade

  • Backup Camera & Interface BCUS3 

Aimgain GIIM 2 pieces Wheels

  • Front 19 x 8.5 + 42 (Low Disc)

  • Rear 19 x 9.0 + 42 (Low Disc)

Falken Azenis Tire

  • Front 215/35-19

  • Rear 215/35-19

Best Style AI

  • Rear Camber plate, added 3 degree camber and fixed toe

  • Front Camber bolt added 2degree camber

JDM Toyota OEM parts

  • Turn signal mirror

  • Window visor

  • Premium horn

  • Front turn signal light lens

  • Chrome inner door handle from Camry

  • Lexus CT200h coolant reservoir tank cover

  • Lexus CT200h ECU harness cover

Ducks Garden

  • Eye Line

  • Hood Spoiler


  • Front Strut Tower Bar

  • Rear Power Brace

Kyoei Original Brand “Vertue”

  • Custom Shift Knob

  • Custom Front Table

Custom Pinstripe by 

  • PoBoy Kustoms

  • Rustic Signs Graphix

Other Modifications

  • Clazzio Leather Seat Cover

  • Lexon Exclusive Air Stabilizer

  • Stellar V LED Taillight

  • Toyota OEM Black Floor mats

  • Clazzio Leather Seat Cover

  • Combination Steering Wheel

  • HID 8000k Low beam

  • All interior lights replaced with LEDs

  • LED swap on AC control and all other switch lighting

  • Chrome Outer Door handle cover


  • Airrunner

  • Aimgain

  • Beat Sonic

  • Clazzio

  • Cusco

  • Kyoei Auto Service

  • Lexon Exclusice

  • PoBoy Custom

  • Stickyicons

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