VIP CAR Magazine Coverage

VIP CAR Magazine is one of the premiere VIP magazines in Japan. The February 2011 issue yet once again covered the ever-growing U.S. VIP scene during the SEMA VIP meet in Las Vegas and the VIP Festival in San Diego.  There were many people from all over attending, including many cars from the southwestern United States.  Thanks to all those who attended, AutoFashion for hosting the VIP Festival and Crew45 for hosting the Las Vegas meet.  Special thanks to John at for providing the event pictures.

3 thoughts on “VIP CAR Magazine Coverage

  1. I would like to subscribe to this magazine. Please send me the information so that I can do that.

    Thank You


  2. Hi we do a lot of VIP style cars and are looking to carry a few magazines the our store for a customers so would like to get in contact with how to be a vendor please get back to me asap thanks
    Lamar Bailey
    GoHard LLC.

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