Step Lip Work Varianza T1S on 2009 Lexus IS250

Our good friend and customer Matt waited about 5 months to get his Work Varianza T1s wheels.  The wait was worth every second after we got these bad boys mounted on the car.  Next up after the holidays is coilovers so we can slam this thing.  He is riding on lowering springs for the time being.  Fitment is pretty much in between conservative and semi-aggressive.  Matt wanted step lip so that limited the fitment to doing 9′s and 10′s for widths.  Final specs ended up being 19×9 +35mm and 19×10 +35mm with 225/35/19 and 245/35/19 Vredestein tires.  The finish is called Black Polish which looks killer on this Black IS250.  Black Polish has a polished/machined metal finish on the face of the spokes and the inside of the spokes are gloss black.  We’ll see how things look after the coilover install, but we might want to add some spacers to get the “HellaFlush” look on this IS250.  Stay tuned for updates on Matt’s car!

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